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Who we are

A little history:

From CIS Argentina to now

In 2013, ABC Control SRL, an Argentinean company that has more than 20 years of experience, and CIS Commodity Inspection Services BV joined to established CIS Argentina SRL. The merger between both companies allows CIS Argentina SRL to be supported by more than 20 years of career in the local market.
The company has the authorization of SENASA and the ISO 9001 certification, as well as, GAFTA and FOSFA’s international memberships. In addition, it is assessing his settle in Brazil.
CIS Commodity Inspection Services BV, established in Rotterdam in 1989, is a leading company providing independent inspection and analysis services.
​It has expanded the presence to a global level which allows it to obtain a valuable experience in the market and the possibility to offer services through a broad network of offices around the world. CIS Commodity Inspection Services BV is responsible for monitoring each and every part of commercial transactions and operations related to the buying, selling, trading and moving of commodities.
​The service is focused on protecting customer’s interests as well as on reducing financial risks. The clients include importers, exporters, producers and traders.
The company has a highly trained professional team work, through which you can get a flexible, rapid and personalized service. All the offices have sophisticated communications network and streamlined management systems necessaries to assure a quality service.
OTHERS: please, consult us for your commodity certification needs as: Alfalfa Bales, Meats, Milk, Sugar, Woods, Wool, etc.








Such as:

Barley, Beans, Chickpeas, Durum wheat, Lentils, Maize, Oats, Peas, Rice, Rye,

Sorghum, Soybean, Soybean hulls, Soybean oil, and Soybean-meal, Sunflower and by-products, Wheat, Wheat bran and Wheat flour.



Scope of certification

CIS Commodity Inspection Services founded in 1989 are a leading provider of independent inspection and testing services with a strong focus on import and export surveys of soft commodities. We gradually expanded our global presence and services and over the years gained comprehensive knowledge and experience within this industry. Our services are available through a global network of offices around the world. CIS Commodity Inspection Services oversee on your behalf all or any part of your commercial transaction and operation related to buying, selling, trading and moving of agri commodities.

The services of CIS Commodity Inspection Services are dedicated to safeguard your interests, reduce financial risk and ensure you get the most out of your procurements. Among our clients are importers, exporters, manufacturers and traders. We serve governments, banks and international aid organizations. Our worldwide office staff and executives, as well as our team of inspectors, maintain uniform quality standards around the world and operate with total integrity.

Our dedicated staff assure you fast, flexible and personal service. CIS Commodity Inspection Services headquartered in Rotterdam, The Netherlands are IFIA member, GAFTA & FOSFA approved, ISO 9001 certified and accredited by SSMO Sudan, GSFMO Saudi Arabia and various other entities.




The responsibility for the certifications that are issued are limited to the conditions of the product previously agreed contractually, not taking CIS-Argentina SRL any commitment on different parameters or criteria not included in the contract.

The sampling plans and analysis systems that are used conform to the internationally recognized standards according to the use of commonly accepted good practices.

Novel analysis systems, or sampling plans other than those commonly recognized for normal distributions must be provided in the contract, with CIS-Argentina not taking any responsibility if this had not been previously agreed.

Our Clients

Main Argentine exporters of cereals and oilseeds whose loads were supervised by CIS-Argentina SRL in the current year:

ACA Coop. Ltda

ADM Argentina S.A.

Bunge Argentina S.A.

Marubeni Argentina S.A.

Gear S.A.

VAIT - VA Intertrading AG.

Cargill S.A.

CHS de Argentina S.A.

Cofco Argentina S.A.

Vicentin S.A.

Curcija S.A.

Glencore Argentina S.A.

LCD Argentina S.A.

Molinos Agro S.A.

Los Grobo S.A.





Zeballos 2609

Rosario - Pcia. de Santa Fe - Argentina


T +54 341 44 01 402

F +54 341 42 64 971



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