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• Total independence and impartiality

• Global coverage

• Centralized management in The Netherlands

• Tailor-made services

• Rapid and efficient reporting

• Highly qualified and dedicated staff

• Personal attention

The commodity shall be inspected prior to shipment either at the premises of the supplier and/or at the port of loading and/or port of discharge.  The inspection shall seek to ensure strict accordance of the commodity with the agreed upon specifications.

Our services are always adapted to our client’s need and include:

   • Inspection and acceptance of ship holds, hatch covers

   • Establishment of intaken/outturn weight by means of  draft survey

   • Sampling during entire loading and/or discharging                                 operations and preparation of contractual samples

   • Supervision throughout loading/discharging   

• Speeding up loading and/or discharging operations

   • Conducting neutral analysis

   • Check of packing and marking

   • Check of bag weight

   • Damage assessment, if any

   • Photographic reporting

   • Daily reporting of events

   • Certification of quality, quantity & condition

Our spectrum of services covers the following agricultural products:

   • Dry bulk cargoes

   • Liquid bulk cargoes

   • Bagged cargoes



CIS-Argentina SRL has its own laboratory located in the city of Rosario. This laboratory is operated by ABC Control and performs the following analytical determinations:
Quality of grains and by-products: Foreign materials, damaged kernels, broken kernels, gnawed kernels, insect stung kernels, live insects or arachnids, kernels with Tilletia sp., white belly kernels, moisture, hectolitic weight (density), objectionable odors, Datura ferox seeds, clover.

​Micotoxins: Total aflatoxins, Zearelanons, Deoxinivalenol (DON), Fumonisins and T2.

Likewise, analytical determinations such as pesticide residues, Genetically Modified events (GMOs), radioactivity and heavy metals are referred to official or accredited by ISO 25, GAFTA or FOSFA Laboratories

Laboratory testing plays a crucial role in commercial transactions and in the assessment of international standards of quality in products and materials.


For this CIS Commodity Inspection Services is only using state-of-the-art, qualified laboratories around the world to conduct analysis The laboratories are accredited to relevant standards such as ISO 17025.

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